Perche, region of emigration
to Quebec in the 17th century
Perche, region of emigration to Quebec in the 17th century

Ancestry of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario (Canada). He is the son of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia "Pattie" Mallette.

Bieber's mother was 18 years old when she became pregnant. His parents were never married, but maintain a close friendship and common goals regarding their son's personal and professional life. Mallette raised her son with the help of her mother Diane Henry, and stepfather, Bruce Dale.

Bieber's paternal great-grandfather was German. Bieber's mother's ancestry is French Canadian with several ancestors whose the origin is Perche.

The examination of Justin Bieber's matrilineal ancestry leads us directly in Perche towards the pioneer Françoise Lehoux, born on July 9, 1628 in La Ventrouze (Orne, France).
The surname Bieber, which means beaver in German, is inherited from his Lorraine ancestors. Philippe Bieber, great-great-great-grandfather of Justin Bieber, was born on October 21, 1856 in Zilling, a village in the historic Lorraine region, today in the French department of Moselle.

When Philippe Bieber emigrated to Canada in the years 1873-1874, Zilling was part of the German Empire and attached to the Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen (Territory of the Alsace-Lorraine empire). This territory was ceded on May 10, 1871 by France to the German Empire in application of the Treaty of Frankfurt which put an end to the Franco-Prussian War or Franco-German War, often referred to in France as the War of 1870. Alsace-Lorraine returned to the French fold in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles.

On November 8, 1874 in Haldimand County (Ontario), Philippe Bieber married Caroline Baer (Bier), a young woman also born in Zilling.

Ethnic breakdown of Justin Bieber’s ancestry

Ethnic breakdown of Justin Bieber’s ancestry
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The ethnic breakdown of Justin Bieber’s ancestry is diverse:
— 43,6% France (including 6.25% from Lorraine)
— 31,3% England
— 12,5% Ireland
— 6,3% Scotland
— 6,3% Germany
— 0,1% Belgium

Justin Bieber's paternal grandfather is George Bieber (son of Hiram Albert Bieber and Ellen Anne Mary Loretta Egan). Justin's great-grandfather, Hiram, was born on December 23, 1910 in Dashwood, Ontario. Hiram's parents are William Albert Bieber (son of Lorraine migrants Philippe Bieber and Caroline Baer) and Margaretta Pfaff (daughter of German migrants Henry Pfaff and Elizabeth Keller). Justin's great-grandmother, Ellen Egan, was born in Ontario. Her parents from Ireland are John Michael Egan (son of Michael Egan and Helen Lang) and Mary Ann Whalen (daughter of James Whalen and Ann Birch).

Justin Bieber's paternal grandmother is Kathleen Arnold (daughter of Jack Arnold and Florence Alice Kennedy). Great-grandfather Jack Arnold was born in Poole, Dorset, England (son of George Arnold and Kate Elizabeth Rattew). Great-grandmother Florence is the daughter of David Alexander Kennedy (Scottish descent) and Muriel Florence Napper (English descent).

Bieber's mother was 18 years old when she became pregnant. His parents were never married, but maintain a close friendship and common goals regarding their son's personal and professional life. Mallette raised her son with the help of her mother Diane Henry and stepfather Bruce Dale. It is in this maternal branch that the French-Canadian origins of Justin Bieber can be found.

Justin Bieber's maternal grandfather is Michael Mallette (son of Joseph Alexandre Mallette and Theresa Hamblin). Joseph Alexandre, son of Felix Alfred Télesphore Mallette and Alida Lachance, is French Canadian while his wife Theresa was born in Reading (Berkshire, England).

Justin Bieber’s maternal grandmother, Diane Henry (daughter of Venant Eugène Henry and Estelle Germain), is French Canadian. Venant Eugène Henry is the son of Joseph Daniel Henry and Léocadie Babin. Estelle Germain is the daughter of Joseph Roland Garneau Germain and Marie Alphonsine Germaine Breton.

The examination of Justin Bieber's matrilineal ancestry leads us directly in Perche towards the pioneer Françoise Lehoux, born on July 9, 1628 in La Ventrouze (Orne, France), daughter of Marie Meilleur and Jacques Lehoux.

Justin Bieber
French-Canadian ancestry of Justin Bieber

French-Canadian ancestry of Justin Bieber has found more than 3400 Justin Bieber's ancestors. See details here.

Justin Bieber, a cousin of Madonna, Celine Dion, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Ryan Gosling, Angelina Jolie and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall... has discovered that Justin Bieber has many family ties with other celebrities in music (Madonna, Celine Dion), politics (Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau), the film industry (Ryan Gosling, Angelina Jolie) and royalty (Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)! All those celebrities have in common French-Canadian pioneers, and in particular Percheron pioneers.

For instance, the Percheron pioneer Zacharie Cloutier, an ancestor of most of the celebrities mentioned before, who was born in Mortagne-au-Perche.

As strange as it may seem, there is nothing exceptional about those family ties. As the Percheron pioneers were among the very first French settlers to arrive in what was then known as New France, most of North Americans with French-Canadian ancestry have Percheron blood and are more or less related.

Famous cousins of Justin Bieber

Famous cousins of Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber has many family ties with the famous descendants of those Percheron pioneers. has found out not less than:
 • 511 links with Celine Dion
 • 366 links with Angelina Jolie
 • 415 links with Madonna
 • 421 links with Jack Kerouac
 • 216 links with Ryan Gosling
 • 149 links with Justin Trudeau
 • 108 links with Hillary Clinton
 • 52 links with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Justin Bieber's matrilineal ancestry

Matrilineal ancestry

Matrilineal ancestry

Matrilineality is the tracing of kinship through the female line. A matriline is a line of descent from a female ancestor to a descendant (of either sex) in which the individuals in all intervening generations are mothers – in other words, a "mother line". It is also sometimes known as the enatic, uterine or umbilical line. This matrilineal descent pattern is in contrast to the more common pattern of patrilineal descent from which a family name is usually derived. Such a mother line is the most certain line in a family tree; indeed, if a man has to recognize a child as his own at birth, it is more difficult for a woman to hide her pregnancy, although there are existing exceptions.

The examination of Justin Bieber's matrilineal ancestry leads us directly in Perche towards the pioneer Françoise Lehoux, born on July 9, 1628 in La Ventrouze (Orne, France).

LEHOUX Françoise (1628 La Ventrouze - 1685 Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre)
PARE Robert (~1626 Saint-Laurent-Rochefort - 1684 Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre)
PARE Marie Madeleine (1662 Château-Richer -)
BOUCHER Jean (~1650-)
BOUCHER Marie Madeleine (~1688-)
MERCIER Pascal (1684 Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre - 1727 Berthier-en-Bas)
MERCIER Marie Genevieve (1712 Berthier-en-Bas - 1737 Saint-Vallier)
TANGUAY Jacques (1701 La Durantaye -)
TANGUAY Marie Josephe (1737 Saint-Vallier -)
FLEURY André (~1736-)
FLEURI Marie Rose (1765 Saint-Vallier -)
LECLERC Alexis (1751 Saint-Vallier -)
LECLERC Marie Isabelle Elisabeth (~1798 - 1839 Saint-Anselme)
BOULANGER LEFEBVRE François (1799 -)
BOULANGER Josephine (1833 Saint-Anselme - 1910 Saint-Romain de Winslow)
GOULET Jean (~1832 - 1909 Saint-Romain de Winslow)
GOULET Josephine (~1862 - 1911 Sainte-Cecile-de-Frontenac)>
AUDET Joseph Pierre
AUDET Antoinette
BRETON Joseph Francois Amedee (1832 Buckland - 1928 Clerval)
BRETON Germaine
GERMAIN Joseph Roland Garneau (1905 Saint-Tite -)
GERMAIN Marie Estelle (1933 Dupuy -)
HENRY Venant Eugene (1924 Bonaventure - 1975 Timmins)
MALLETTE Patricia (1975 Stratford, Ontario)
BIEBER Justin (1994 - London, Ontario)
Ancestry of Justin Bieber

The Percheron ancestors of Justin Bieber

The Percheron ancestors immigrated in the 17th century. They came from the following villages (note that some ancestor pages are available in French only):

Pioneers Baptism year Baptism (or birth) place Emigration year Death year Death place
Aloignon Pierre Denis1621*Moussonvilliers16471690Notre-Dame-de-Québec
Ariot Marie Renée1643*Unverre1670*1715La Durantaye
Audebout Michel dit Belhumeur 1646Thorigné-sur-Dué1668*1675Canada
Beauvais Jacques dit Saint-James 1623Igé16521691Montréal
Belanger François 1612*France16341687*Québec
Bisson Antoine 1645Pouvrai1652*1705Tilly Levis
Bisson Gervais 1603*Contres1650*1674Québec
Boissel Jacques 1607*Perche1640*Canada
Boucher Gaspard 1599*Mortagne-au-Perche1634*Canada
Boucher Jeanne 1607*Mortagne-au-Perche1638*1670Côte Saint-François
Boucher Marie 1629Mortagne-au-Perche1635*1706Batiscan
Boucher Marie Marguerite 1631Mortagne-au-Perche1635*1666<>1669Québec
Boucher Marin 1587*Mortagne-au-Perche16341671Château-Richer
Boulay Robert 1630*Perche16621707Montmagny
Chevalier Charlotte 1600*Feings / Saint-Mard de Réno (?)1653*Canada
Cloutier Charles 1629Mortagne-au-Perche1635*1709Québec
Cloutier Jean 1620Mortagne-au-Perche1635*1690Québec
Cloutier Louise Marie 1632Mortagne-au-Perche1635*1709Québec
Cloutier Zacharie 1590*Mortagne-au-Perche16341677Château-Richer
Cloutier Zacharie 1617Mortagne-au-Perche16341708Château-Richer
Cordeau Jean dit Deslauriers 1635*Dangeau1659*Canada
Cote Jean end XVI - beginning XVII1635*1661Quebec
Creste Jean 1626Tourouvre16491717Beauport
Drouin Robert 1607Le Pin-la-Garenne1634*1685Château-Richer
Dupont Xainte 1595*Mortagne-au-Perche1635*1680Château-Richer
Fortin Julien 1621Notre-Dame-de-Vair16501690*Canada
Fournier Guillaume 1620*Coulimer ou Coulmer1651*1699Montmagny
Gagné Louis 1612Igé1644*1661*Pays des Aganiers
Gagnon Jean 1610Tourouvre1640*1670Château-Richer
Gagnon Marguerite 1598Tourouvre1643*1677Château-Richer
Gagnon Mathurin 1606Tourouvre1640*1690Château-Richer
Gagnon Robert 1628La Ventrouze1655*1703Sainte-Famille-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Gaudry Nicolas dit Bourbonnière 1620*Feings1653*1669Québec
Gaulin Marie Marguerite 1627Saint-Martin-du-Vieux-Bellême1654*1703Beauport
Giroux Toussaint 1633Réveillon1651*1715Beauport
Goulet Jacques 1615Normandel16461688L'Ange-Gardien
Grenier Françoise Perche16621709Montmagny
Guyon Barbe Marie 1617Mortagne-au-Perche1652*1700Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Guyon Jean 1592Tourouvre16341663Beauport
Guyon Marie 1624Mortagne-au-Perche1636*1696Cap-Saint-Ignace
Hayot Thomas 1609*Soligny-la-Trappe1638*Canada
Héripel Marie 1617*Perche1640*1697Québec
Houde Louis 1617*Manou1647*1712*Lotbinière
Jahan Jeanne 1604*La Ventrouze1647*1682Château-Richer
Labbé Pierre 1643La Ferté-Bernard16651709Saint-François-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Lambert Aubin dit Champagne 1632Tourouvre1662*1713Saint-Nicolas
Landeau Noëlle (Nathalie) 1638Jauzé1659*1706Montréal
Langlois Noël 1606Saint-Léonard-des-Parcs1634*1684Beauport
Lefebvre Pasquière 1628*Mortagne-au-Perche16621696Mortagne-au-Perche
Lehoux Françoise 1628La Ventrouze1647*1685Beaupré
Lehoux Jacques 1580*Perche1647*1680Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
Lemaire Nicole 1595Mamers1635*Trois-Rivières
Lereau Marie 1623*Saint-Cosme-de-Vair1654*1687Québec
Loiseau Catherine 1603*Perche16461656Trois-Rivières
Mabille Michelle 1592Tourouvre16411665Québec
Malin Jeanne 1625Saint-Pierre-des-Ormes1652*1689L'Ange-Gardien
Mallet Perrine 1604*Courgeon ou Courgeoût16341687Château-Richer
Maufay Pierre 1625Igé1652*1677Québec
Mercier Julien 1621Tourouvre16471676Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
Mésange Marie 1643La Ventrouze1661*1692Saint-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Michel Marie 1619*Saint-Martin-du-Vieux-Bellême1644*1687Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
Mullier Marguerite 1630*Perche16461692L'Ange-Gardien
Paradis Marie 1639*Mortagne-au-Perche1652*1708Sainte-Famille-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Paradis Pierre 1604Mortagne-au-Perche1652*1675Sainte-Famille-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Pelletier Guillaume dit Globoteur end XVIBresolettes16411657Beauport
Pelletier Jean 1627Tourouvre16411698La Pocatière
Pouliot Charles 1628Saint-Cosme-de-Vair1653*1699Saint-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Rivard Nicolas dit Lavigne 1617Tourouvre16481701Batiscan
Robin Mathurine end XVIMortagne-au-Perche1636*1662Beauport
Roger Renée La Ventrouze1640*Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
Rouleau Gabriel 1613*Perche1652*1673Sainte-Famille-de-l'Île-d'Orléans
Roullois Marie Madeleine 1647*Notre-Dame-de-Vair1652*Canada
Roullois Michel 1615Saint-Pierre-des-Ormes1652*1690L'Ange-Gardien
Roussin Françoise 1631Tourouvre16511691Québec
Roussin Jean 1597Tourouvre16501682L'Ange-Gardien
Roussin Madeleine 1623Tourouvre1650*Canada
Tavernier Eloi end XVI / beginning XVIIPerche1643*
Tavernier Marguerite 1627*Randonnai1643*1697Château-Richer
Trottier Jules 1590*Perche16461655Trois-Rivières
Trottier Julien 1636Igé16461669*Canada
Trudel Jean 1629*Parfondeval1655*1699L'Ange-Gardien
Turgeon Charles 1627Mortagne-au-Perche1662Perche
Turgeon Jacques 1653Mortagne-au-Perche16621728Beaumont

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